We develop your international business

Our work philosophy allows us to develop practical engineering in production environments, supply chain and economic engineering studies.

We help you achieve the LEAN dream

Our consultants get involved in the operation of your company developing proposals to promote process agility practices, taking the operational analysis to a key point.


We Design:

  • Design and Standardization of Processes.
  • Design and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard and/or Operations.
  • Design and Implementation of SMP (Safe Maintenance Protocols).
  • Design and Implementation of Medium and Long Term Strategies, through LEAN Modeling, with a focus on operational excellence.
  • Design and Implementation of SSMS (strategic self-management system).
  • Design and Implementation of strategies oriented to the configuration of Word class companies.
We model:

We model:

  • Action modeling and management of national and international Soft Landing.
  • Strategic modeling of Project Evaluation (from startup, investment, renewal or growth).

We certify:

  • Certification and Evaluation of Labor Competencies.
  • Certification and Business valuation.

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