About Us

Logistec is an industrial and logistics services company with a commercial focus born in the 8th Bio-Bio region, with operations throughout the south of Chile, today with a presence in Guangzhou, China and Melbourne, Australia.

Dedicated to providing support to smaller, entrepreneurial and innovative companies, we offer our experience and vision in the development of business plans, coordination of industrial projects, study of national and international commercial projects, seeking easily accessible solutions and generating economies circulars in response to the needs of our customers at the lowest possible cost.

Today, facing the challenge of a global pandemic with severe effects on the development of the economy, we see an opportunity to promote, advise and innovate in new businesses, leading our clients on the path of seeking efficiency in the use of resources and generation of links to create value.

Canton fair product desing & trade promotion centre Guangzhou , China 2019

We are trained to face the challenge of change with flexibility and agility according to our times.

Our Input

We develop the focus of excellence, cultivating different departments of the company.

We accompany the change process adjusting to the client’s adaptability capacity.

We trust in the capabilities of our ally, supporting them in the success and moments of greatest effort in their change process.

We provide knowledge and a proactive culture in search of operational excellence.

Our team

We present our main strength:
a team full of strength, synergy and pro activity in the search for process improvement in general.

Germán Alarcón

Chief Commercial Manager

marilyn betanzo
Marilyn Betanzo

Project coordinator

Fei Peng

Chief Commercial Manager Guangzhou

francisco garces
Francisco Garces

Legal adviser

camila barrales
Camila Barrales

Australian office representative